Design Lab is an experienced business, founded by Matthew Brimelow in London in 2001 and relocated to Switzerland in 2010 as MB Design. Design Lab produces innovative graphic design, 3d work, modern branding and marketing materials.

The expertise is in work for corporate design materials, packaging for consumer goods, luxury products, exhibition design and first-class presentations.

All design projects, from a single image to complete branding guides, are bestowed utmost care and attention. A tailored approach with targeted goals makes sure initial sketches then high-end visuals evolve to be finished artworks in a style you love.

The unique selling point of Design Lab is delivering a simple ‘one stop’ solution for graphics, 3d work, print and digital artwork projects, combined to save time and costs.

Please see the extensive portfolio, with a selection of new and past projects.

Design Lab works aims to be eye catching and creatively original.